Get Down with a Plan to Skill Up Employees

August 13, 2019by Michael Kelfer0

How do you feel about your organization’s ability to attract skilled accounting and finance staff? If you’re feeling confident, it might be time for a dose of reality. Most organizations are already having a hard time filling open positions. This trend is likely to continue into the foreseeable future. Korn Ferry’s 2018 Global Talent Crunch study predicts that in the financial and business services sector alone, there will be a labor skills shortage of 10.7 million workers, resulting in organizations missing out on generating $1.313 trillion in revenues by 2030. That’s a scary scenario but one that is not without a solution. Organizations need to help their employees skill up. If you don’t currently have a formal learning and development program, implement one. Such a program might be the succession plan you need to evolve. When people don’t feel like they’re creating new opportunities in their career, they start to look elsewhere. Providing training and learning opportunities for your people can help you keep the employees you have and attract more of the talent you need. With that in mind, here are some tips to skill up employees in the accounting and finance vertical. Make learning personal One mistake many organizations make is treating learning programs as a one-size-fits-all exercise where everyone receives the same training. A more effective way to skill up employees is to create training programs that focus on individual interests and skills gaps. Combine data from employee reviews with the results of surveys asking employees want to learn. Then tailor training to address those areas. A good example is leadership training. Many organizations provide this for executives, but new managers may be the ones who need these opportunities the most. Managers are often promoted based on technical ability but need a whole different set of skills once they enter leadership. Providing that training earlier will help you elevate technically adept managers into astute leaders. Build a coaching culture When your organization has a strong coaching culture, a lot of learning happens on the job and in the moment. Managers look for opportunities to help employees learn and Read More »

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