Accounting Interview Questions and Answers

July 22, 2019by Michael Kelfer0

Most people make two devastating mistakes when being interviewed: failing to listen to the question and attempting to answer questions with virtually no preparation. Practicing for your interview is a key component in the application process and can make or break your chances for getting the job  you want. Below you will find fourteen of the most frequently asked interview questions, regardless of  job classification. Study these example Q&A’s carefully and develop a strong response for each one; make sure to tailor your answers to your own work history as well as the position to which you’re applying. Accounting Behavioral Interview Questions Behavioral interviews involve the company asking non-technical questions about your past experiences in order to find out if you have the skills and personality needed for the job. Behavioral interviews are all about asking how you handled past situations as a predictor of how you will handle similar situations in the future. The key to answering these questions well is to elaborate on the situation as much as possible by telling a convincing story. The story should provide context to the interviewer with regards to the situation you faced, steps you took in various stages of the scenario, and the specific outcomes and results from the event. This method is also known as the STAR Method, which can be broken down as follows: S – Situation: Outline the situation that you faced that best relate to the questions asked by the interviewer T – Task: Detail the task and the problem at hand ensuring to include details such as timeline, stakeholders involved, and effort level with respect to the skills you possess A – Action: Explain the action steps taken to solve the issue including challenges that arose from the work and how you worked to solve those challenges R – Results:  Highlight the successes of your actions and tangible results from your actions including any milestones achieved (e.g. resolved major conflict, improved sales by 50%, or streamlined processes to save time and resources) You should aim to know your stories by heart and practice refining your answers to Read More »

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