6 Signs You Nailed a Job Interview

June 18, 2019by Michael Kelfer0

You know the feeling: you walk out the door after a job interview and the self-doubt starts flooding in. You were punctual, prepared and polished. It seems like the conversation went well, but how do you really know? You begin overthinking every response you gave and wondering what the hiring manager actually thought of you. It would be great if every interview ended with an offer in hand, but that rarely happens in the real world. To help put your mind at ease, here are six signs you nailed a job interview. 1. The interviewer spoke as if you’re already a part of the team Interviewers often speak in generalities so they don’t get a candidate’s hopes up. For instance, they might say, “the person in this position will do XYZ.” If the interviewer feels like you’re the perfect fit, they might say, “This will be your office” or “You’ll be working closely with Jane.” They might even start talking about future projects you’ll be working on. This is a subtle way of showing they already think of you as part of the team. 2. The interviewer asked about their competition If the interviewer asks about other companies you’ve interviewed with or whether you have other offers you’re considering, it’s a sign they want to know where they stand. If they’re concerned they might lose you to another company, the interviewer will want to act fast to avoid losing you. 3. The interviewer starts introducing you to the rest of the team Interviewing with a few different decision makers is a normal part of the interview process at many companies. But if the interviewer starts introducing you around, especially to higher-ups, that’s a good sign. It likely means they think you’ll make an excellent addition to the team and want other decision-makers to weigh in. They wouldn’t waste other people’s time if they didn’t think you had real potential. 4. The interviewer gives you their direct number to follow up with questions Giving you a business card is standard interview practice, but if they give you their direct line or Read More »

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